Our Story

Back in September 2013, the UK Government stipulated that level descriptors were to be removed from the curriculum and that schools would need to decide how to measure progress individually. This caused concern for schools as levels have been used for many years and parents had grown to understand them.

Hiltingbury Junior School made a decision, following this announcement, to find a way to breakdown the curriculum into manageable key skills, and then develop this into a concept that both pupils and parents would understand. In the form of ‘ladders’, with each rung representing a learning goal, their teachers set about defining the key subjects of Maths, Reading and Writing into their topic areas and testing them with local schools, pupils and parents.

The ladders idea was eagerly received by schools, who found them easy to understand and implement, and very well received by pupils and parents. The concept was submitted to the DfE Assessment Innovation competition, and in May 2014 was declared one of the 3 winners in the Primary School category*.

Early feedback from schools was very encouraging, but schools were also looking for an online version that would save time, provide flexibility to develop their own tailored curriculum and deliver detailed information, or reports, that could be further defined or broken down.

School Explained, a social enterprise and our parent company, was set up by teachers with the aim of providing parents with the clear, expert help that they need to be able to support their children at home, and continue the learning started in class.

With this in mind, School Explained and Hiltingbury Junior School decided to collaborate and develop Learning Ladders and Ladders at Home, the product you see today, which contains the essence of both companies; passion to improve teaching and learning and the will to see pupils achieve their utmost without any barriers.

The Future

Learning Ladders has continued to develop with Hiltingbury Junior School, and now other schools, curating the content and developing new and innovative ways to aid teaching and learning in today’s classrooms.

We are a passionate group of people and always want to hear new ideas or ways we can improve the software or ways we work, so get in touch and send us your ideas.

Our Achievements

Learning Ladders and Ladders at Home have been nominated for many awards.